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International Special: In bester Gesellschaft – mit Lee White als Gast

14.09.2024, 20:00 Uhr in Freizeit

Die Schwestern in der Überzahl laden ein zum besonderen WG-Erlebnis.

In English – and with two different shows in one!

What if you suddenly find yourself in a flat-sharing community that is completely different from everything you stand for? When you unexpectedly find yourself in a strange world, where a discussion about talking-speed, correctly hung shelves and the basic direction of society can ignite at any time between the cleaning plan, succulents and compost bins. Where the trenches are deep and the bridges numerous. Where you’re in best of company but also in the middle of madness?

Annika (Nadine Antler) and Paula (Lena Försch) are sisters. They hatch plans, support each other in difficulties and go through thick and thin together. But they couldn’t be more different. When their sisterhood is about to explode, they need their flatmate to be in the spotlight and to hold it all together.

Our special guest this time will be Lee White from Canada. The Canadian has been living in Berlin for several years now, but is completely un-German through and through. That’s why the performance will be in English… and why things gets more unexpectedly than ever.